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Author Topic: Hacker 101 walkthrough  (Read 7613 times)


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Hacker 101 walkthrough
« on: November 22, 2012, 11:31:02 am »
Hacker 101 has been taken off the play store. It may be some time until we re-upload it.

Old Version (Mar 31, 2013) Download 

NOTE:First you have to understand that you need to have some computer skills to play this game.

This guide will take you though each level, and teach you how to play, also make sure that you use the hints on the menu of each level. If you have any other problems just email us at

Level 1 : The question says a user setup a new account but did not change the default username or password. So we know that we have to find a username, and password, but where would they be. Lets try the hint, it says what is the default user that you would see on a windows computer. This doesn't require much thought if you have messed with the default user on a computer, the username is admin or administrator. So now that we have found the username its time for the password. Now what would be a default password that you would see on a windows computer. Its could be 1234, admin, but most of the time it will just be password.

Level 2 : The question says this time the user changed the default username and password but forgot to remove the backup. So again we first look at the hint which says find the information in the system, with the system referring to the file menu of the level. So as we look at the menus one says backup which should have the backup of the information. So just click on the backup and it has the username:Matt and the password:YT785G

Level 3 : The question says the user changed the username and password once more. Now check the hint for help, this time you see that a sub menu did not show up, and the hint is. The hint says the user forgets alot so they hid the information in a data file. Again when the hint refers to data or system its in the file menu, so we click on the menu again, and you see hint. So you click on hint again and you see a data file. Once you click on the data file you see a lot of random stuff. Make sure that you look for a pattern so you see some caped letters U and P which would mean username, and password. Then you look right after them and you will find the username and password of level 3. Username:Ron394  Password:under

Level 4 : The question says now the user gets smart, so they hired a tech to setup there system. Once again lets check the hint file, it says the tech was busy at the time so he reset the system. So now we now that he reset the system which means the information is cleared to nothing, but it doesn't say he added anything else so the information is blank. Username: Password:

Level 5 : The question says the user has decided to take a different turn in keeping their information safe. To the hint file!!!! The information has been hidden again, but this time in plan sight. So now your like where could it be its not in the menus. Then you start looking on the level for something different. There is a bar at the top of the screen that is not usually there if you click on it the username and password are entered for you.

Level 6 : The question says the user gets tired of putting in a username and password, so they just use a password that has both. The hint file says the system has a problem with forming the information together. In the other menu it says cached so you click on it. You can somewhat see how the system tried to fix the problem and right after fix- you can see it 9samUnder60 with is the password.

Level 7 : The question says the user is starting to learn more, and more about computers so they hide their information, and converted it. The hint file says the user has started to learn binary which means that the password is in binary. So if you use a converter on it like online it will convert the number 001100100011010100110010 to 252 which is the password.

Level 8 : The question says the user is now learning more about file systems, they found a way to hide their information better. The hint file says the information is hidden in the file system, and we know from another level that the file system means a menu in the level. So click on system which gives you a lot of sub menus (Trash, ..., Extra, Info). As you click on each you see different information, but you can tell that Info want open so you have three more sub menus to look through. So lets first check the Trash menu, it says that the usersystem reset which means that the username has been cleared. The .. menu says that information has been saved so you cant use that. Now to the extra menu, which as Pass which means the area of the password. Now you just have to look for things that are different like uppercase letters there are five. ERMIT which is the password for the level.

Level 9: So this time they make a username and password, they keep a backup by sending a email to themself. So now what we have to find a way to get the email sent to us. If we look through the sub menus of the system menu you then have to menus. The first being Track Email with gives the users email, and the second one being email changer. The one that we want to use is the email changer. If you press Email Changer and hit send it will send you a button with a new email under the login screen. Just press on the button and it will give you the information for the username and password. Username:sammy321 Password:sunnyday

Level 10: With this level its much different than the rest. It is now asking you for an ip address, and a port number. If you have no idea whats going on its ok, ill go through this slow. First as always you need to look at the hint, it says to look through the network system for the information. Press on menu, and then press Network System. Now you will see a few menus Firewall, Advanced Mode, and Listening Mode. The Firewall menu gives information about the firewall that is being used. The Advanced mode lets you turn the firewall on, and off. The Listening mode lets you listen to the network. So the main thing that we need to do is to listen to the network, now if you want to do that we need to stop the firewall. Press the advanced mode and disable the firewall, once thats done press listening mode and press yes. Wait a few seconds and it will get the information for you. Then all you have to do is press login.

Level 11: The user has setup a password for their website. They keep the main username public, but it also requires a key. So as we always do we need to look at the hint which is located in a menu called files. The hint says the user forgot to clear the data from the connector. So what we are looking for is information about the key code, and username. If you check public menu it gives a message that the admin wrote with will give you the username for the site, now we just need to find the key code. To do this we need to use RCT, and press yes. Now just wait a few seconds, and you will see server data. If you press open the key code will be encrypted, so we are going to have to crack it. So go to the other menu then key cracker, and crack. Wait a few seconds again for the cracker to crack the encrypted code, then you should see the key code.

Hope this helps leave some comments, and give ideas for more levels.
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