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Title: Softmod Guide: Xbox Softmod
Post by: skyfreezer on March 06, 2013, 02:34:11 pm
Overview of the softmod:

The softmod that is used is found on the xbins chat room

Softmod Installer Deluxe

Softmod installer on memory card. Mechassault or Tom Calancys SplinterCell. You
have to have a copy of the original CD of either one, not the platium editions.

Some advantages of softmodding an Xbox:
* emulators (N64,nes,snes,gameboy, etc.)
* playing  music and videos
* you can adds games to the hard drive
* trainers (action replay codes/cheats)
* different types of skins


*applications (XBMC, web browsers, music players, etc.)
      example XBMC- Xbox Media Center
                 # This will allow you to play any type of movie from a CD/DVD/USB
                 # Its own dashboard
                 # File Manager


Some Software that you will need for this guide...

~X-Chat Website Link (
~Coreftp Website Link (
~Xplorer360 Website Link (